Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Busy Bassy weekend...

There will be a few good shows this weekend:

Friday - King Cannibal in the Arts College marks the return of Diston. The last Diston in the arts college was Surgeon and that was one of my favourite gigs ever in Belfast

Saturday - Bloom and T-Polar play in the Empire as part of the Dirty Sanchez party.

Saturday - Boabinga is in the Oh Yeah centre for Pressure

Sunday - We will be playing a Green Party fundraiser in the Pavillion along with Deadman. £5 in and it'll be a right bloody laugh.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Bloom tracks in the mix

Tracks from Bloom are included in a new mix by akkachar

Terror Danjah – Reinforced [Rwina]
Ginz & Baobinga – Tha Good Stank [Build]
Terror Danjah – Stomp Test [Rwina]
Bloom – Sunkissed [dub]
Ikonika – Psoriasis [Hyperdub]
Terror Danjah – Air Bubble [Royal T remix] [Butterz]
Swindle – Airmiles [Planet Mu]
SRC – Tangfastic [Rwina]
Rachet – Hyper Dimention [Rwina]
Terror Danjah – Power Grid [Planet Mu]
Eprom – Humanoid VIP [dub]
Doshy – Milky Way [Rwina]
Bloom – Love Phazed [dub]
Skinnz – Make Me Feel [dub]
Desto – 20/20 Handsight [dub]
Terror Danjah & D.O.K. – Peanut Punch [Rwina]
SRC – Goin Out [Rwina]
Starkey – Pleasure Points [Planet Mu]

Thursday, 15 April 2010

T-Polar - War Stories for the Boys - Out Now!!

available on: Beatport, juno, djdownload etc

T-Polar on Juno

Veteran Belfast based producer Gary Spence aka T.Polar has released a
wide range of work on a variety of labels over the past decade. From
the microhouse stylings of his debut album on Morris Audio, and 12" on
Karloff, to the bass heavy rollers on Digital Distortions and Wide
Recordings, a series of e.p.s for Nice&Nasty, more experimental fare
on Acroplane, and a forthcoming release on London future garage label
l2s, Spence has delivered a musical world full of depth, detail,
rhythmic invention, and tripped out wonder.

War Stories For Boys kicks off the EP with skittering, raw breaks, and
snatches of vocals from a range of unidentifiable sources, before
dropping an incessant bass riff reminiscent of the uk bass and
neo-electro styles of Rotters Golf Club releases.

Hardline Khan D takes a similar approach only with a funkier, cheekier
vibe, making more of vocal hooks, whilst Theme From Hoolohaan rocks a
synchopated shuffle, with distant crooning vocals, and subtle bass
emissions dropping in to keep things rolling.

Things get taken deep into the ether with the final track,
Poindexter(the hunter). Swirling high end synth patterns subside to
drop a loping, lowslung groove, augmented by a bassline that points
you towards the otherworldly.

Spence made his debut remixing therarelowry on Takeover's second 12"
back in 2002. He currently promotes Belfast's premier Bass Music
night, Ecker.