Thursday, 9 July 2009

De-Twist July 25 Mix

Just a 25 min mix of broken beat/dubstep/bassy things I like. Should have been longer but forgot I was recording and started playing country records which didn’t really fit.

1.T-Polar – Crab People (Digital Distortions)

2.Spatial – 90121 (Infrasonics)

3.TRG – They Know (TRG Berlinwall VIP)

4.Untold – Dante (Hotflush)

5.Horsepower Productions – Marseilles Connections (Tempa)

6.Ike release - Jenova (Infrasonics)

7.Vertical 67 – Autumnstep (white)

8.Von D – Coquine (Black Acre Records)


  1. I reckon some country would have slotted right in there man.

  2. I just noticed that zshare don't have a counter for the number of times a file has been downloaded anymore - do you know how to track the number of hits a file has had?

  3. Yeh noticed that myself Barry. Not sure why they took that off as it was always interesting to see how many were downloaded