Wednesday, 3 February 2010

We are back...

Ecker presents 33 1/3 Part 2 with:

DJ Acroplane Recordings
Parsley Monkphat
G-Bo (check online for some recent mixes)
Jim Harte

We will be back in the improved Menagerie on Friday 12th February!

Part 2 of our 33 1/3 series which has guests playing for 33 1/3 minutes. We have put together a lineup which more or less gives you a taste of everything (Like Bounty when it was 'a taste of paradise' but with music).

£3 b4 10.30 & £5 after

Another quick music recommend is Shlohmo who did a mix for Mary Ann Hobbs recently which knocked my socks off. Lots of links on his page there and his album is well worth checking out

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